Sky Turbine

Save energy and reduce ocean pollution by harvesting wind with turbines in the sky anchored to small towers mounted on land or sea. Over the past years big wind towers have become very popular. We have all seen how thousands of such tall towers have already been deployed around the world.

(Artist's Impression)

Perhaps the most economical method for harvesting wind energy is the sky turbine, a turbine held up in the sky by an aerostatic device connected to the ground to a much smaller anchoring tower.

The turbines make electricity just like the current technology. But at higher elevations the wind velocity is stronger, more uniform and available. The turbines can be controlled, turn into the wind, get out of the wind, be reeled in and serviced more conveniently, etc.

In the near term ships may be the best sites for the initial sky turbines. Already there are plans for pulling ships using the wind to save energy. Adding a turbine to the pulling device will generate electricity for the ship.

Initial smaller systems will offset ship’s auxiliary power cost effectively, but more and more of the total ocean transportation energy costs could be offset by wind power as the technology develops.